We Can Do That?


It’s Friday!  It’s Friday!  I can’t believe that I still celebrate the proverbial TGIF, even after being retired for nearly a year; yet I do.  Guess it’s hard to teach an old woman new habits. Goodness knows, my hubby’s trying!

Len reminds me daily, “Relax!  We’re retired!”  He affectionately throws his hands in the air and says, “What are we doing today, luv?” He speaks with a light-hearted, untroubled buoyancy that amazes me.  In the back of my mind, I’m thinking, “Really?  We can do that?”  I am blessed.

…and so…Yesterday, we drove over to Prosper, Tx to pick up an item for our little antique~boutique business.  Rural north Texas is always a treat to travel.  On our way back, we stopped in Celina, TX, which is historical, with a small up and coming downtown energy that I found inspiring.  While window shopping on the square, one could hear the sounds of progress…bulldozers pulverizing old concrete walls, cranes hauling debris away.  We could see cars dotting in and out, smell the aromas from numerous cafes, and we enjoyed shopping the small gift shops.  One could just feel the excited anticipation of success and imagine the visions of hope.  Ah yes, as an entrepreneur, I recognized that feeling, and then…An epiphany!  It’s cliché, I know, but oh, so true.


I was hearing the sounds of progress, the senses of new life, the unraveling of old for new.  The chaos of it all took me aback.  For a moment, I became the old brick building being demolished one wall at a time.  I sensed fears being crushed one brick at a time, and I inhaled the dust of a lifetime of love, mistakes, successes, and lessons that enable me to successfully meet the next change before me.


More often than not, we either choose or we are mandated to tear away walls, jerk roots from earth’s hold, catapult steel beams of bad choices into salvage bins AND make room for new lessons, new adventures, new ideas, new mindsets, new elations, new disappointments.


I rant, “But reinvention is so hard!”   I question, “What’s wrong with the way I am?”  I resist, only to find that staying tight in the bud is truly harder than blooming in God’s love and angels’ Light.  New missions await.


Today is Friday.  Changes?  Not sure what or if there will be any,  but I do know that I have one variable that never changes, and that is to live life lovingly.

Of course, I fall short of expectations, and I ask forgiveness to all.  Yet, isn’t it wonderful that we can change, evolve, and repurpose?  HE didn’t say it would be easy…just worth it.

Need help?  Seek until you find those tools, those resources and those people that will enable you to reach your goals.  Pray.  Open your heart. Be kind.  Remember the children who need us.


Adventure with Spunk. Sass. Soul.

As always,

Texana Lane














Another Day! Another Wonder!

One of my favorite songs,  “Late for Your Life”, by Mary Chapin Carpenter, says it all.  Her lyrics catapult me into taking chances, facing consequences, and holding unto life as deliberately and as passionately as I can.  Really, it’s never too late to keep living life, to keep putting one foot over the edge of the bed and saying, “I can do this one more time!”

I’m not too late to realize my purpose, and it’s not too late to live as kindly and as grateful as possible.

I am running as fast as I can to create as many memories as I have days left in me.  Granted, I’m a little slower; and arthritic pain has become my nemesis, but…Oh my goodness, how grateful I am!

In my mind’s eye I see smiles, and friends.  I see family surrounding me with love.  I sense the beauty of our amazing world and reflect upon miles of road trips, simple moments, and amazing mountainous sculptors created by prehistoric winds, waters, and fires..  I feel my mother’s arms around me.  I hear my dad’s sound advice.  I see my children’s smiles and understand that what seems to be insignificant can often make the biggest impression in one’s life.

No doubt, the memories bring a swelling within my heart and an unrivaled joy.   I have lived a life to cherish, to remember, to adore.

I could go on rambling and sharing my memories; but, truthfully, my life is uniquely mine, and probably not so relevant to you.  However, I wonder, just wonder, what makes you feel fulfilled?

Whatever stage of life you are living…beginning, middle or end…I hope that each day brings wonder; and with each wonder you add some some mistakes, a few heartaches, some learning tools, and LOTS of gratitude, compassion, and kindness.

Take some chances.  Give it your best.  Be fearless.  Be YOU.

Just don’t be late for your life, (and add some spunk, sass, and soul)!

Living life lovingly,

Texana Lane





More Than A Piece of Pie


Aromas.  Tastes. Memories.

Funny how something as simple as seeing, smelling, and eating pumpkin pie can take me down memory lane.  It can also make me feel adventurous.  You may ask how can a piece of pumpkin pie be adventurous?  Well, if you had asked my parents, they could tell you.  Heck, they’d travel from Dallas to Waxahatchie (with their favorite friends in the backseat of their spawling  ’57 Pontiac), just to get a piece of Sweet Potato pie.  They loved adventuring  through Texas history, visiting courthouses and small town venues, and yes, even traveling a long distance just to taste a piece of southern culture.  That may sound foolish to some; but to them, it was an adventure to learn and share some laughs.  Which leads me into question,  “What takes you down memory lane?”

Aromas. Tastes. Touch.

For me, just smelling a pumpkin pie baking is like walking into my Mammaw’s country kitchen.  Instantly, my memory conjures the love that was shared unconditionally.  Without hesitation, I see her sweet face gleaming over the gas stove, as all four burners glowed brightly under pots and pans of fried chicken, pinto beans, green beans or gumbo.  That list could also include sweet corn, black eyed peas, fried okra, or mashed potatoes.  And cakes and pies?  Of course!

In the summer, Mammaw would make our favorite foods when we’d visit her.  City to country, we’d experience three meals a day.  No fast food, no pre-packaged frozen foods, no packaged foods, period.  Yes…only foods straight from the field to the table.  Fresh tomatoes, fresh okra, fresh everything!  From the kitchen window, we could see the fields of watermelon, peanuts, cotton, corn…beautiful foods that sustained us for a very nutritious summer vacation.

Staying with my grandparents meant certain rituals.  At night and after our prompt 6 o’clock meal, we’d enjoy our favorite cake or piece of pie, or a root beer float.  My favorite was peanut sheet cake and cool lemon icebox pie, or chocolate custard pie.  We enjoyed the kitchen delights out on the front porch as we watched the twinkling lights of the big city of Nixon, Tx rise from below the hill.  Family talk would ensue, and we’d curiously listen to my grandparents discuss the ills of the world, and then I’d ask a million questions.  Pappaw always had the right answers; and after solving all the world’s problems, we’d then turn off the front porch light and go inside to  watch Gunsmoke or the Lawrence Welk show.  As the moon shown through the Mesquite trees, and with country sounds floating through the rusted, screened windows, pitch darkness (without city lights) would show its scary self outside, and we’d  lovingly get tucked into bed.

Memories. Aromas. Touch.

Mammaw would let me have the cool icebox lemon pie for breakfast, too, (of course, Mama never knew), which never altered my appetite for her bacon and eggs.  My sister, cousin and I would rally round the breakfast table, ready for a day of country adventure and, what now, are memories of a wonderful childhood blended with culture, family, and experiences to share with my family and friends.

Traditions are unique to us all.  Families are unique to us all.  Life is unique for each of us, too.  For these reasons, I love learning of others’ traditions and memories and how memories are triggered to take us back into what we selectively choose to remember.

Your memories may be similar, but, also, very different than mine.  I like that, for it adds to my lifelong adventure of sharing cultures and  traditions.  Without our differences, what a boring world it would be.  After all, if God had wanted us all to be alike…we would be.  But He gives us free agency, different opportunities, and a variety of ways to expand ourselves, to learn, to tolerate, to grow.

TEXANA LANE’s adventures are experienced through the mind’s eye, through cultural opportunities, through actions of those around me, and through the teachings of my family, my traditions, my values, and God’s grace.  The Universe enlightens my light and my spirit, and I am influenced by God and His power and His purpose.

I am fortunate to have had a good family, true friends, loving children, and the willingness to tolerate differences around me.  In fact, I thrive on these opportunities; and well, pumpkin pie takes me back to where I began so that I may adventure into places yet to travel.

Touch. Aromas. Sounds. Sights. Memories.

Today, I inhale the essence of life around me.  I see the beauty.  I touch the work of God, and I allow my memories to catapult me back and forth from my past to my future.

Hoping you’re making good memories today and remembering yesterdays, too.

Adventure with spunk, sass, and soul.  Live life lovingly.

Happy Fall, ya’ll!

Texana Lane