SURVIVING Love, War, & Famine… (Not Necessarily in That Order:)

Country Kitch’n Wisdom:  “Never put your wishbone where your backbone ‘otta be!

If you are lucky and live long enough, you get to experience life at its best, worst, and somewhere in between.

Because life teaches, never preaches, you have to decide whether you want to be prepared for catastrophes or if you want to be caught wishing you HAD been prepared.  “If you’re puttin’ your wishbone where your backbone ‘otta be, you’re already in trouble.”                                            I know from experience.

In my life’s journey, I’ve either been prepared for the nail-biting issue, or I’ve gotten kicked in the pants from lack of preparation.  Between earthquakes, wild fires, tornadoes, flooding, unemployment, cancer, divorce (well, you get it), I’ve seen how survival preparedness can bring one comfort in the worst of time.  I’ve also experienced calamities without preparation…trust me…your family will appreciate your preparedness efforts.

During the ‘have not’ times, I have struggled financially, physically, and emotionally.  To the contrary, when I have been financially secure, (and with quality food storage), our large family was well-provided.  We ate from our one-year food storage and paid expenses from our one-year savings account for crisis-living only.


Being prepared sounds trite…until you actually find yourself without a job or smack dab in the middle of Mother Nature’s worst calamity, frantically grabbing whatever you can while running out the door to the nearest community shelter!   In addition, we have pandemics which keep recurring with a vengeance.

I began writing this recipe book/helpful hint book many years ago, and today, amidst the Covid19 chaos, it still rings true.  I look forward to your input as I continue sharing information via this TexanaLane Blog.

Included will be helpful information regarding:

72-Hour Survival * Past 72-Hour Survival * Food Storage * Recipes

HELP!  Where’s My Paycheck?  Why Is All the TP Off the Shelves?

Think about it!

  • What would you do without prepared food, sanitation articles, security, or everyday staples?
  • Do you have a 72-Hour Survival Plan and Supplies?
  • Do you have enough ‘Grab & Evacuate’ provisions for three days?  What would you take?  Can you survive financially past one month?

I appreciate your input and ideas along with your experiences.  I pray your families have not been devastated by this deadly Covid19 virus.  Stay safe and be prepared for whatever may be next.  Our next blog will review what one needs for 72-Hour Survival and the how, why, and when.  Giddy up for life my friends!

Live Life Lovingly,