SURVIVING Love, War, & Famine…(Not Necessarily in That Order)

Country Kitch’n Wisdom:  “Never put your wishbone where your backbone ‘otta be!

If you are lucky and live long enough, you get to experience life at its best, worst, and somewhere in between.

Because life teaches, never preaches, you have to decide whether you want to be prepared for catastrophes, OR NOT.  “If you’re puttin’ your wishbone where your backbone ‘otta be, you’re already in trouble.”

One doesn’t have to be a doomsday extremist to realize that we are all vunerable to life’s surprises.

I (fortunately/unfortunately) know from experience:  I have been either unprepared or prepared…either kicked in the pants or ready for the challenge.

My personal calamities include:  earthquakes, wild fires, tornadoes, flooding, unemployment, cancer, Covid19, heart conditions,  divorce (well, you get it).    Each year brings pleasantries and surprises.  My loved ones and friends, as well as my faith, have lifted me up in the lowest of times.

Who relies on you for sustenance or who supports your wellness and sickness?   Whatever role you play,  your family will appeciate your preparedness and efforts.  Plus there is great satisfaction when one is self-sustained.  As the old saying goes, “God bless the child that’s got his own.”

Simply stated, “Be ready!”  Life is just around the corner.

When I have been financially secure, (and with quality food storage and savings), challenges have been conquered, and I could help my neighbor, too.

How?  We ate from our one-year food storage and paid expenses from our one-year savings account for crisis-living only.  It’s not always so simply stated, as I realize that one hospital bill can wipe a person’s life’s savings completely out, like to $0.  Yet, we can be as prepared as possible, one day at a time.


Being prepared sounds trite…until you actually find yourself without a job or smack dab in the middle of Mother Nature’s worst calamity, frantically grabbing whatever you can while running out the door to the nearest community shelter!   In addition, you may be homebound without resources, such as we’ve experienced this last year with Covid19 and the ice storm in Texas.  I’m sure you can name a few experiences, too.  It feels like calamities are increasing, homeland security is alarming, economic crisis abounds, and so on.

72-Hour Survival * Past Your 72-Hour Survival * Food Storage * Recipes

If today, you had to live off the grid, or rush from your home because of flooding, fire, earthquake, etc. , how would you survive?  What is your plan of action?  Would your family, your children, your parents be OK?

  • What would you do without prepared food, sanitation articles, security, or everyday staples?
  • Do you have a 72-Hour Survival Plan and Supplies?
  • Do you have enough ‘Grab & Evacuate’ provisions for three days?  What would you take?  Can you survive financially past one month?

Have fun investigating YOU TUBE posts.  There are many.  I personally like City Preppers…not too sensational, nor violent, but very informative.

Surviving Love, War, & Famine…Not Necessarily In That Order…is worthy of consideration.  I’m preparing my granny backpack as I write…giddyup!

Live Life Lovingly,