More Than A Piece of Pie

AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO GETS SENTIMENTAL OVER PUMPKIN PIE? Aromas.  Tastes. Memories. Funny how something as simple as seeing, smelling, and eating pumpkin pie can take me down memory lane.  It can also make me feel adventurous.  You may ask how can a piece of pumpkin pie be adventurous?  Well, if you had … Continue reading More Than A Piece of Pie

A Celebratory Year Around the Sun

A CELEBRATION OF LIFE.  A CELEBRATION OF BIRTHDAYS.  Maybe narcissism? Maybe...Even so, I have had a blast sharing my adventures this year as I turn 70, and I appreciate those of you who have followed and posted your thoughts.  Thank you! I started this celebration and introspective blogging when I realized that I couldn't get … Continue reading A Celebratory Year Around the Sun