A Streetwalker Named Pearly Fox

To know Pearl is to love Pearl. She lives life with spunk, sass, and soul, and she can turn the heart of many a stranger. With her big, dewy, brown eyes, spiked pearly-blonde locks, and determined-but-prissy walk, she melts the hearts of everyone around her.

Streetwalker? Yes, it’s her past, and I can’t say too much about it, for I truly don’t know. Heck, I wouldn’t want to be disrespectful anyway; she’s far too sweet for me to be unkind…but, Yes. She was a streetwalker.

And how did this past streetwalker enter my life? I love to tell the story.

Her story is sweet, just like her:

My son, Kyle, lives in San Antonio. Kyle is an animal lover. He stops and picks up animals, injured or not, and brings them home. He has too many cats, (at least by most standards) and he has Lily, his rambunctious-but-lovable dog. Kyle walks alpha Lily everyday, and she rules the street. Most others stay away or at least close behind.

However, on this particular day of street walking, two dogs started following Kyle and Lily home. Of course, Kyle saw the two mongrels, but let them alone to do their thing. As he continued, both dogs decided they’d say hello to Lily and came up beside her. The bigger of two decided it wasn’t a great idea, but not the tiny, little flea-infested, dirty mixed Terrier-Corky. She continued on, step for step, growl for growl, never leaving Lily’s side.

Not to be deterred, Pearl had other goals in mind. She knew a gentle spirit when she saw one, (and well, Kyle is one of the kindest people I know when it comes to animals). Pearly continued strutting next to Lily without being bullied one little bit. In fact, to Kyle’s surprise, she continued on with them all the way to his front porch. So there they were, Kyle, Lily…and Pearl…and she wasn’t going anywhere. She knew exactly what she wanted, who she wanted, and where she wanted to be. She made herself at home as Lily took her queenly self inside.

Say what you will, but I think her angels were with her. I think angels were with Kyle, too, for he took the risk of rescuing her. He gave her a bath, in fact 3 baths in a row. Removed fleas. Brushed her. Cuddled her and then shared the love with his girlfriend, Allison, who immediately fell in love with her. However, there was a big BUT…

They already had too many cats, an alpha dog that made it clear there’d be no other dogs in her home, and the reality that enough was enough. So, what to do with sweet Pearl? They went to the neighbors. They put up signs. They took her to the vet for possibly chipping.

The truth was that Pearl was a streetwalker, without a home, and so adorable that they felt they MUST find a home for her. Who could that be?

Enter: Me, Mom.

(Call on the phone) “Mama! We’ve found the sweetest dog.” “We think she’s perfect for you!”

Me: “No, I’m barely able to navigate these days, and I don’t think I can be responsible physically or emotionally.” “I can’t be tied down, either.” “Anyway, I’ve raised 4+ children.” “Why would I want such a responsibility?” “I have to walk her?” “I have to wipe up her messes?” “I’m barely able to get off the sofa, I’m so weak from all the stuff my body’s going through.”


Kyle: “Well, what if you just try it out on a trial basis?” “If it doesn’t work out, we’ll find another home for her.” (By then, they’d sent me pictures of Allison cuddling this adorable, big-eyed tiny dog like a baby). Anybody’s heart would melt, right?

Me: “Ok.” “But I can’t give you a definite answer until I see her.”

Obviously, the rest is history. Pearly Fox, (whom I named for her pearl-colored coat and HUGE foxy ears) came into my life with sweetness, calmness, and heart full of love. She encourages me to walk, to bend, to move! She encourages me get out of my own neediness and into helping another. Over the last two months, she has been a blessing at all levels, and I’m grateful that Kyle had the foresight to call me.

Children often know us better than we do. I have no doubts.

Unfortunately, with Pearl came that dreaded disease, Heartworm, and it has advanced so much that her heart size has increased. Do we spend the hellacious cost of a vet, infusion shots, medicines, etc. etc.” The answer is, “How can we not?” This sweet spirit deserves every chance of life that we can give her.

In a couple of weeks, Pearly will receive her last infusions in hopes of killing the worms and saving her heart. She’ll stay overnight, or longer, at the vet’s, and it’s a serious procedure.

On thing for sure, streetwalkers, and all of God’s creatures, have many lessons to teach us and much love to share.

One cannot judge another by looks or by professions. Judging is God’s job, not ours.

I pray that everyone has a Pearly Fox experience in their lives, and you share a safe haven of love for humanity (and animals), as God would desire of us.

Love can’t be taken; it can only be given away.

Living life lovingly,

Texana Lane


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