The Road of Good Intentions

Egos. Are they a necessary evil to keep us buoyed and confidently afloat as we navigate the turbulent waters of life? Perhaps, perhaps not.

I ask the question because…well, I’m getting older, facing aging issues, facing health issues, and frankly, just wondering if my beliefs still serve me well. After reading Dr. Wayne D Dyer’s book, THE POWER OF INTENTION, I discovered that some of my beliefs don’t serve me at all.

It’s a fact that we individually construct our personal egos; ie: We determine the WHO and WHAT that we are. This determination is constructed through childhood development, self discoveries, culture, etc. etc. Egos are visible and constrained by man’s rules, not God’s intent. Just look at what Dr. Dyer lists as egos. The list is materialistic, even selfish. It allows us to critically judge others and ourselves.

EGO allows to look down on people. Look up to people. Slander. Criticize. Emulate. Whatever the ego needs, we will accommodate:

  1. I am what I have.
  2. I am what I do.
  3. I am what others think of me.
  4. I am separate from everyone.
  5. I am separate from all that is missing in my life.
  6. I am separate from God.

As I review the above list, I quickly realize that my EGO is certainly restraining me from reaching a higher self. And aren’t the actions during my journey from infancy to adulthood a reflection of my HIGHER SELF? Isn’t that what life is all about? Isn’t that the real test of time (and purpose), and is it not what we take with us upon returning to our Universal home when we depart from this earth?

I have to laugh at myself as I recall this last month of silly mistakes. I had a slew of doctor appointments, all names beginning with S: Stalz, Stelz, Silz, and so on. I kept getting them mixed up and couldn’t remember to write times and places on the calendar. Dyslexia comes to mind; but anyway, to make a long story short, I reversed some dates and places. It soon became humorous to me. My lazy and procrastinating self soon became lost in all the S’s and hospitals and clinics. I can visualize a thousand reasons for the crazies; but really, it was just distractions and emotional warfare from Covid and health issues. I made mistakes, and my ego punished me all week for my imperfections.

Somehow, I see God peeking at me and wondering if I’m truly seeking to find Lane’s higher self…that better self that realizes that EGO=Self Absorption. Seems that I can’t hide, even when depression calls me to hide under the covers.

Sometimes I am a coward and very egotistical about change. Life has taught me that it takes courage to be true to ourselves in God’s eyes. To be authentic. To strive to be a better person.

With courage, I want to respect myself and not allow life’s experiences to harden or sway me. I want to co-create my world and hopefully construct a shift in my worldly thinking. Mama has always said, ” The road to hell is full of good intentions.” I never quite understood that until recently when I realized that Godly intentions are always with us. We just have to access them.

When we understand that intentions are a force constantly surrounding us, the Universe will bring what we desire, whether that be our unique purpose upon this earth, work, relationships, or quality of life . However, to do so, we have to raise the level of energy around us.

How? Some words from Dr. Dyer come to mind: Compassion. Discipline. Wisdom. Love. Surrender.

These words would reflect life’s purpose, life’s opportunities to ‘let go’ and ‘let God’ so to speak. For to ‘let go’, one has to relinquish the earthly ego ID and lighten up. Yes, and in order to lighten up (which to me means to face the Light of God), I have to consult my infinite soul and allow the power of God’s intention to take me where I can demonstrate all of His goodness. It’s a powerful energy that a person feels when inspired or enlightened. Epiphanies.

Thus, we are intrinsically entangled in cross-wires with our free agency and the power of intention. We feel the inspiration, but can we realistically acquire what that intention reveals? For you, I can’t answer that; but, for me, I am making a deal with myself. I promise to activate a higher energy that allows me to understand that my intentions equal a purposeful life. I want to grab all the potential I can and wrap it into a life of connection to my higher self, to God and to helping mankind.

The reality is that I’m human, often frail in spirit, mind, and body, and often my spiritual energy waxes and wanes. These are embarrassing truths I often exhibit. Yet, as I’m nearing these last chapters, I enjoy the challenge of eliminating egotistical thoughts and allowing myself to reach loving intention. “…I trust this power to take me to my destination, stopping when necessary and picking up companions along the way.” (Dyer).

Thanks for allowing me to use you, as the reader, as my soundboard and as my vision board for doing better, living at a higher spiritual level, and defining what’s important to me. Here are some goals that I’m setting for myself. Join me in the ride:) Feel free to share yours, too.

DISCIPLINE: Teaching my body new habits, ie: Exercise, healthy foods, nontoxic habits

WISDOM: Harmonizing my focus with patience. Thoughts…intellect…feelings…with my body.

LOVE: Loving what I do and doing what I love.

SURRENDER: Allow the Universe, God, my family, and my body to link with my intent.


In my life, friends offer a community of intent, aspirations, and inspirations that I reflect and attempt to mirror. My spiritual journey does not consist of arriving to a new destination where I gain something that I didn’t have, or to become what I wasn’t. Instead, it’s simply me finding a new paradigm toward genuine possibilities while making a small shift in thinking.

My core remains ME, who reaches toward a higher self (lol. Not taller, I’m already tall enough), but to a ME that loves myself and has a purposeful life outside of my ME circle, that selfish one whose ego brags and whines.

Sending much love your way.

Love flies upon the wings of friends. Soar with loving intentions.



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