Windows, Wishes, and Wanderings

Yesterday, I had an entertaining, reflective time meandering my way through You Tube music venues and choosing what I ‘liked’ and ‘saving’ what I chose.  What fun!  You probably know that there are thousands of musical choices, but I was totally unaware of You Tube’s entertainment value.  (Here’s hoping that I’ll become somewhat knowledgeable before it’s obsolete).   With anticipation, I sorted through obscure soloists, orchestras, videos, pop, jazz, and everything in between old and new.  It was just me, a stormy day, the recliner, my fuzzy blanket and our 65″ TV with a fabulous sound system.  As the wind howled outside, the music tangoed and rocked with the swaying of big Oak branches as if dancing with nature on my behalf.  Together, they created a perfect afternoon of musical folly and wanderings of the heart…a totally selfish, decadent day, except…

Yesterday, I also had a tooth pulled.  Nothing more needs to be said about that except it was a stubborn tooth, not wanting to leave its 71 year old home.  Dr. Pam had to twist, pull, dig and curse a little to get the dang root to budge, and then it splintered and yelled, “UNCLE!” as it cascaded down my tongue and into the depths of dental debris.  Although I didn’t have PTSD from the experience, I did have a sore jaw and 4 hours of bleeding gum.  Dr. Pam said to take it easy for the day…so I did:)

While looking out the window and making my life’s wish list, I wandered down memory lane. The path was pretty cluttered, though, with whys and why nots, and upcoming decisions haphazardly twirling around; it occurred to me that being still, being mentally quiet, is very important for the soul.  Taking a day to relax, (even if by doctor’s orders) is instrumental in clearing the clutter that overstimulates.  Without time to relax, to just simply ‘be’, we cannot wander into new directions, new wish lists, new beliefs, new understandings and new gratitude for what we have.

Perhaps your day of relaxation is reading, puzzles, decorating, sewing, crafts, or music, etc.  Whatever it is, just do it.  Take time to look out of your windows of life.  What perspective and paradigms do you see?  What must you rearrange to wander without stumbling? What remains the same or changes?

What is your wish list?  What keeps you from attaining those wishes?

I encourage each of us to take some time to be still, be quiet, and calmly wander through that window that opens to new expectations, new hopes, new adventures.

Play it safe if you must, but occasionally open a window.  Be fearless.

See yourself.  Be yourself.  Love your self.

Windows are made to let the Light shine in and to protect us.

May you wander where you wish,

Texana Lane,

Living life lovingly!












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