I believe that each one of us is a child of God, AND each one of us is God’s special work of art.

Through each of us, He teaches.  He inspires.  He shares beauty.

Inspiration will come to those who will take the time to be still, to observe, and who will admire the art that He creates.

What does it mean to admire His created works of art…Earthly wonders of the world?  Miracles?  The Mona Lisa?  Not for me.

In my mind, it’s much more simple.  Instead of visualizing myself standing in an art gallery, staring and admiring the artful displays of oils, bronzes, etc., I imagine myself  admiring YOUR picture of life in front of me, your display of body, mind and spirit.  And what would I admire?  Would I see the gifts that God has given you to share, to inspire, or to teach?  Of course, I would, because that is what I seek in God’s worldly creations!  I want to be inspired.  I want to learn.  I want to know my brothers and sisters.

You, my readers, are God’s special works of art. 

Words that come to mind:  Uniqueness * Differences * Sameness * Labels * Categories. 

We are human; we err.  We are human; we love.  We are human; we fear, despise, and envy.  We judge.  We accept; we deny.  We give; we take.  We forgive; we retaliate.

We contradict ourselves constantly.   We are darkness; we are light.

  We are human.  

As humans, we fall prey to the darkness, yet we rise toward the Light.    The question begs, “Are we taking the time to admire the art of being human?”  Are we reaching for the joy within the spirit and Light from which we are created, or are we bogged down in darkness and fear?

I don’t have the answers, nor ever assume to have them.  However, I do admire beauty.  I do admire acts of kindness, love, and inspiration.  I love the fact that I, like you, am God’s special work of art; and it doesn’t matter if I look like you, talk like you, walk like you, or think like you.  To believe in God, I must believe that the human race is His…all of us are His works of art.  If not, who do we call our Father?  Who do we call our Mother?  Who do we call our Creator?  Who answers my prayers of requests for major and minor needs?  Does He love some and not others?  Does He only answer prayers to a few and not all?

Pragmatically, I am just a body with mind and spirit.  How I write the chapters of my life is intrinsically my choice.  I can either admire God’s art of uniqueness  and build upon His teachings of tolerance, brotherly love, neighborly sharing, and universal awareness, or I can  dismiss my life as something insignificant, worthless and meaningless.  My choice.  My life.  Our world.  Their future.

Light/Dark vs. Fear/Love.

We are God’s work of art.  We are each responsible to represent that creation in His likeness, or so the Bible says.  We are each given opportunities to artfully imagine and inspirationally live our lives as masterpieces of love, kindness, diligence, tolerance, etc. etc.   He allows us to take a blank palette and slowly begin the process of creating our lifelong journey of life, painting as novices and then advancing with knowledge, experience, humility, common sense and love.  As mistakes are made, we correct, wipe out, repaint, and begin again.  The artful beauty begins to take shape, to be admired, to be shared, to inspire…just as He planned.



The adventure of life becomes very lively when living by faith and the knowledge that you have much to offer anyone and everyone.  Whatever your spiritual or religious beliefs, let your artful acts of love inspire and teach be seen.   Fill your canvas of life just the way you want it…neutral, monochromatic, or bold.

I, and those around you, need your beauty in a dark world, and one tiny LIGHT inspires us to take one confident step forward.  I pledge to step forward.  Quietly.   Kindly.

Keep the faith, ya’ll!  Live life lovingly.













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