A Celebratory Year Around the Sun


Maybe…Even so, I have had a blast sharing my adventures this year as I turn 70, and I appreciate those of you who have followed and posted your thoughts.  Thank you!

I started this celebration and introspective blogging when I realized that I couldn’t get the ’70’ number to come out of my mouth.  So, instead of drowning my fears with booze, or complaining and whining, or being in denial, I decided to face it all head on and use my words to express my gratitude for these honored 70 years.  As I tell everyone, “After my birthday and honoring 70 years, I will resume 60 again…and there I will remain:)”

We’re always telling the little ones to “Use your words!”  With that, words seem trite at this point; but I’m going to try as my memories, imagination, and emotions are thrown upon my keyboard.  With fearless authenticity, everything meshes against the realities of life:  the highs, the lows, the elations, the sorrows.  I imagine all of these emotions inside a ball, just bouncing and rolling and only stopping to be picked up and tossed again.  That’s just life.

One wonders how the glow of living can even surface when considering the oddities, the inhumane acts,  and the constant pitfalls.  Yet, I HAVE NEVER BEEN HAPPIER!

No doubt, the years HAVE tossed me, my family, my friends, my loved ones into despair, (and you, as well, I’m sure), and I didn’t know where to turn or who to turn to, aside from God, family, and friends.   Those were definitely fear-driven eras of life.  During those times, it seems that I never felt safe.  I was always living in the past or projecting fear into future.  That place, my friends, is not a friendly place!  It’s like a vortex that keeps one unsatisfied.  It’s a place where one never has enough money, enough love, enough time, enough is never…enough.

When did my life become ENOUGH?  Well, the old cliche of almost losing my life comes to mind, plus the reality of living without income for a year definitely taught me gratitude and servitude.  With those uncertain moments, what I learned was how to be happy.  Not the silly-grin kind of happiness, but the thankful kind of happiness.  The peaceful kind of happiness.  The content kind of happiness.

And with this contentment came peace of mind.  I learned to just be still and let the Universe do its job, let my angels comfort me, let my friends share their love, let my family support me, let myself be free of the burdens of control, impatience, and judgement.

At 70, wisdom is still fleeting, AND it’s also frequently comforting.  With wisdom, I can just be me…right, wrong, or indifferent.  With confidence, I don’t HAVE to put my best, prettiest pictures eye level for others to view.  Often, I’ll display the scribbles {and paint-by-numbers} eye level for everyone to see first.  Judgement simply doesn’t matter anymore, for I know that I’ve accomplished a crapload of good effort in a lifetime.

AT 70, I’ve set goals and have seen them completed.  I’ve created and followed bucket lists and repeatedly redefined myself to meet the needs of my life.  I’ve watched and learned from others and gleaned what I could from their accomplishments as well.

At 70, I love youth, OUR youth.  I love watching them bloom into the beautiful cosmic souls that will influence our universe forever.  I love watching the buds unfold and dance the dance of life as if there is no tomorrow.  It’s beautiful.

I am beautiful.  You are beautiful.  WE are beautiful.  Our ages blend into a life form that intertwines with ageless souls influenced by God and His power and His purpose of ‘our world’ and the unknown.  WE are spirit.  WE are light.

At 70, abundance is ours.  We are loved with abundance.  We are given health to respect and enhance.  WE are given wealth, not just finances, but a wealth of knowledge, service from our neighbors and loved ones with kind hearts.  WE are given wisdom to teach others by actions, not by words alone.  WE are given strength to make good choices, to share the Gospel teachings as well as the teachings of all good people who teach us to do unto others as we would have them do unto us.


The attached picture is of me in my twenties.  I look at it as I write.  I marvel at that young woman and wince, at times, at the woman she is.  At 70, I am astounded that life has passed so quickly, AND that young woman is excited about tomorrow.  


My celebratory year has included small, but important bucket list opportunities.  These follies included friends and families and significant others.  They included memories, desires, and fearless authenticity.  They weren’t always easy, and it certainly wan’t a frugal year.  Which takes me into next year…THE ESSENTIAL YEAR:)

My five-year goal is to have the happiest five years of my life.  I realize that misfortune will smirk at this goal, but I say it aloud:  The best five years of my life!  In deliberating this, and saying it repeatedly, I have come to believe it.  Words are powerful, you know.

Believe.  Believe in yourself.  Believe in the best.  Believe in your life.  Believe that we ‘mature adults’ (I use this sparingly) can influence for good, for peace of mind, for worldly peace, for Universal peace.

Believe that we are here for a reason, not just a season as the old saying goes.  What we look like, what we sound like will soon be forgotten.

How we made others feel will never be forgotten.

I thank you for sharing your love, your hearts, your thoughts…your lives with me.  It’s so fun still being in touch with childhood friends and so on.  You add color to my life.  You add strength to my soul.  You add joy.

Keep livin’ life with spunk, sass, and soul.

Giddyup to new adventures and another trip around the sun to celebrate!

Marilane Perriman, Bryan, Anderson, Ray



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