Texana Lane’s Adventures: One Big Family

Giddyup Gals!

This is my first blog.  It’s sketchy.  It’s authentic.  It’s random.  It’s me!

My goal is to reach women who still enjoy life.  Who still feel they have ‘game’ (as my younger cohorts call it).  Women who believe that every chapter of life matters, and women who don’t masquerade what it feels like to age with grace, fun, dignity, disdain, and  a little whimsy along the way.

WE all all out here.  WE know who we are…Aging with grace, aging with some disdain for our youth (bodies) and beautiful memories (of our younger selves), and aging with deliberation to be ourselves, which is unique for each of us.  Truth is, we’ve spent a lifetime deliberating for others, and not much time on what WE want, who WE are, and what these last chapters of life mean to US.  My blog enables me to learn from you, of all ages.  What differences do you see and feel as you age?  What experiences can you share that allow all of us to feel accepted, no matter what age we are?

Everyday I seem to find an excuse to not share my age in one moment, and in another moment, desiring to brag that I’ve reached a certain milestone birthday.  I sometimes find myself excited to share my lifelong experiences and then think, “They don’t really care what I think,” as my cohorts talk around me, above me, definitely not including me.

Fact is that we each age differently, with variables of children, education, cultures, religions, incomes, marriages, divorces, deaths.  The list is endless. and we each own our choices, consequences, and desire to live life to its fullest, or shut down because we’re…aging. I’m excited to share my adventures, and I eagerly anticipate yours, too.

For the record, I turn 70 on July 30th.  I am celebrating my 70 year long adventure with a different bucket list adventure each month.  I began August 1st, and the fantasy is fantastic…will share next post!

“…ain’t afraid to kick it up with the boys!”

Texana Lane








6 thoughts on “Texana Lane’s Adventures: One Big Family

  1. I’m so excited you are using your talent! You have always had the ability to put pen to paper (or keyboard to screen) and I look forward to reading your blogs. You rock sis!

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  2. Lane, so nice to see you living life to the fullest. The years fly by at our age and it’s now are never! Hoping your adventures bring you so many wonderful memories to share! Love your sweet spirit!

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